Social Security Disability Insurance recipients skyrocket. True in Oklahoma?

As America’s population grows older, the number of people collecting Social Security Disability Insurance has steadily increased every year. In 2001, Social Security paid disability benefits to about 6.9 million disabled workers and dependents of disabled workers nationwide, according to a recent Providence Journal newspaper article. In 2010, that figure skyrocketed 10.2 million people, an increase of about 47 percent, the Journal reports.

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The recent sharp rise in the number of people collecting SSDI has put a severe strain on the nation’s Social Security disability insurance trust fund, which is currently running a deficit. Based on current estimates, the fund is projected to run out of money in seven years, the Providence Journal reports.

Social Security Disability cases can be complicated. The application for benefits must be exactly right. There’s no room for error. We can help you make sure you filled out the forms the right way. We can also help you appeal your application for claims if it’s denied, something that often happens.

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